With many years of dominance in the outdoor footwear and apparel industry, Woodland has become a name to reckon for genuine and technologically advanced products.

The brand is relentlessly working with the task to make all explorers better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Our Vision is to Empower Explorers Everywhere. To make this possible, we look forward to have individuals in our teams who share the spirit of adventure and who can help our brand stay a cut above the rest with their ideas and energy.

Hop in and join our team of wanderlust employees. ADVENTURE AWAITS YOU....



Our focus is on your quality of work, and not necessarily on the number of hours you put into achieve it. We believe in making our employees feel valued and we work with them towards finding creative solutions to tackle our business problems.


At Woodland, we believe in the power of ideas and work towards bringing them to life. Grow with our team of experienced professionals, as they guide you to thrive under pressure and work with passion towards delivering results. Everything we do is a part of a deliberate, long-term strategy. In the course, know where you�re going.


We move fast to do things that have never been done. Accelerate your career at an incredible pace as you learn from and work alongside highly dynamic experts from the field.


Life is what happens when you're busy working. We make sure you enjoy every moment. Every day is a new adventure when you work at Woodland.



Take your ideas to the next level with people who make you want to be the best.


Because you have to take risks if you want to build the next big idea. Evolve and Innovate.


Woodland is an equal opportunity employer. New-age ideas, ability to exploit available resources to best use, positive attitude and clean work ethic are the only requirements to succeed here.



Our designers at Woodland converge art, design and science to equip adventurers as they conquer the unknown, as well as seamlessly blend style and comfort with technology for avant-garde products. There foresight and adaptability for new technology and trends brings us ahead of the rest. Fusion of style and substance speaks for itself in our casual wear range.

Our scientists, product and technology experts and tech geeks are pushing the frontiers of new technology to maximise an adventurer's potential, regardless of the environmental conditions. We are imagining and building the future of outdoor gear, at the intersection of insights and innovation, for every adventurer in the world.

Our production team intertwine the thread of precision and performance to build products that have been tested and improved to withstand even the toughest of conditions. A commitment to inspire and create opportunities for people to venture outdoors and explore the unknown is what drives our team.

Our merchandisers collaborate effectively with buyers, business analysts and vendors at our headquarters to put together new collections that set the trends. With an emphasis on quality, our team drives various processes to understand consumer needs and market capacity.



Our crusaders are focused on propagating the spirit of adventure as they parallel intensify and cleverly tackle the product market competition. Through managing product strategy and positioning, interpreting consumer insights and augmenting product potential, our team is maintaining and reinventing Woodland's legacy across the globe.

Our treasurers build the financial infrastructure to scale our growing company. Combining analytical and strategic thinking, our financial planners work closely with teams within the company, as well as with external partners to develop a sound financial future for our brand.

Our sales mavericks collaborate across teams to establish revenue generating channels and create scalable global sales relationships to grow the company's revenue. They are not only constantly working towards achieving sales growth and margin targets but are also focused at building strength of the brand in the marketplace. The not only sell a product but deliver an experience.

Our retail team doesn't sell a product, but delivers an experience. Our retail team across 600 stores is fused with energy and enthusiasm to see an explorer in a prospective customer. They understand the needs of the individual and do the tough jobs of helping them select the right product. They are the face of the brand for the customer.

Our e-commerce marketers spearhead and transform online shopping for adventure seekers. The team creates personalised relationships between Woodland and its customers, to provide deeper value for the users before, during, and after their online shopping experience.

Our exports team provides the leadership necessary to bind the people from different departments working on the export order. Their specialised skillset includes administrative acumen, along with excellent communication skills, attention to detail and the ability to make sound numerical decisions.



Our People Operations team at Woodland is dedicated towards sourcing the best talent and building teams that foster our progression as a brand. Our team firmly believes that people do their best work when they're happy. They make Woodland a place where passion meets ambition.

Our techies at Woodland work the magic behind the scenes to keep our teams across cities running smoothly. They shine under pressure and find order in chaos.

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