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Woodland is a brand known for its eco-friendly initiatives to strengthen its association with the environment and embrace it as one of its key objectives. It has been a conscious decision of the brand to imbibe CSR as an integral part of the brand's core identity.

In a bid to achieve more through its efforts, the brand has launched products made from vegetable tanned leather and the raw materials and processes used are free of any harmful substances. Our eco-friendly philosophy is reflected in every product we create. Even the colors of our products are inspired by nature.

For all those who share our philosophy, here’s the ProPlanet product range:

Summer Sandals & Slippers Range:

Yet another innovation in the footwear industry by Woodland, ProPlanet summer sandals & slippers range is made from vegetable tanned leather and recycled rubber. Coated with an antibacterial lining material, these summer footwear keeps your feet dry and cool. The EVA mid sole in these slippers and sandals provide a lightweight cushioning resistance to shock absorption.

Biodegradable Shoes & Sandals: This sturdy & stylish biodegradable range of footwear has been manufactured with a view of putting the least amount of pressure on the environment. The materials used are free of any harmful chemical substances. The outer sole and heel is made of crepe rubber (natural raw rubber) and the upper body is made of vegetable tanned leather, which has also been utilized in the lining of the shoe. Cellulose has been used to make the insole, toe puffs and the counters. The insock / footbed is made of latex foam and is duly covered by vegetable tanned leather. The laces are made of cotton.

The range of biodegradable and eco-friendly footwear has been certified by the Footwear Design & Development Institute, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India

Organic Cotton T- shirts:

Free of toxins and pesticides, Woodland’s ProPlanet T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint throughout all phases of the production process and are working towards making our production line more eco-friendly.

Pure Green T-shirts:

These pure green T-shirts are made from recycled PET (plastic) bottles. The plastic bottles are sterilized and processed into fiber strands. These strands are knitted together to create a fabric, which is used to produce 100% recycled T-shirts.

At Woodland, we are working with our customers and partners to create a greener environment. Being an eco-conscious brand, we aim to become India’s first carbon neutral chain. As a part of ProPlanet campaign, we partnered with Huber, a German company specializing in eco-friendly architecture and design. The partnership started in 2008 with the launch of the first carbon neutral store in Bangalore, Karnataka followed by the second store in Delhi. The stores’ wooden flooring and cash counters are made of reclaimed lumber. The wall fixtures are made of recycled fiber and the lights used are energy efficient. Today, Woodland stores have been transformed using Huber’s expertise in environment friendly store displays.

The launch of the carbon neutral stores was another step towards our goal of Zero Carbon Emissions. The campaign aimed to make customers aware of the eco-friendly measures taken by us in manufacturing and packaging of the products. The campaign encouraged customers to pledge their emission reductions for every solar water heater they use. Upon pledging, each customer using a solar geyser was gratified with Woodland e-vouchers, which they claimed after authentication. By doing this, they shared the carbon credits helping our Retail Chain negate its carbon footprint. Each pledge contributed towards our retail stores’ carbon neutrality.

Use of eco-friendly raw materials, packaging and processes: We use environment-friendly raw materials like organic cotton, recycled rubber, etc. to manufacture our products. Recycled consumer and industrial waste products are used for internal as well as external operations. The products’ hangtags and the company’s business cards are printed on certified 100% recycled paper. Right from our shoe boxes to carry bags, recycled paper is used in our entire packaging process. We also invest heavily in green technologies such as video conferencing, solar panels, etc

Tie-ups and employee participation: Woodland is constantly looking for opportunities to tie up with environmentally conscious NGOs and partners to promote eco-friendly initiatives in the community. We at Woodland encourage a work culture that fosters eco-consciousness and employee participation in eco-friendly activities. Our employees are trained in issues of social responsibility. As an organization, we focus our efforts by:

  • Monitoring: Assess, promote and assist the factories in improving their working environment.
  • Environment: Communicate, educatte and motivate employees and partners to seize opportunities to reduce environmental impact.
  • Community: Supporting local communities in the areas of our operation.

Woodland as an entity realizes the urgent need of the hour and believes that every individual who is inspired has the power to make a difference.

We recognize the importance of sustainable development and encourage our customers to adopt eco-friendly practices. We are continually trying to balance the amount of carbon released by planting trees, using eco-friendly raw materials and techniques in our manufacturing and packaging processes.